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Ever wonder what in the world you are in this world for? God has put us here for a purpose — and part of that purpose is to serve Him by serving others. We are here to carry on the work of Christ. Jesus said these words to his disciples and to us prior to ascending into heaven — John 20:21 — “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” In other words, Jesus is saying “I’m handing the baton to you. You’re up.”

February Do Good & Give Hope

For the month of February, our Do Good (and Give Hope) initiative will be focusing on World Vision. Specifically, we have a Crossroads team that runs marathons every year all to help bring clean water to kids.

As you know, times are hard right now, but you can make it better for someone else. If you are feeling that call, that pull, that tug to say “yes”, don’t ignore it! You can do this… YOU CAN! 80% of TWV runners have never run a 5k when they say YES! If you are interested in joining the Crossroads Crazies team this year, you can fill out this form:

If you have additional questions, you can contact one of the Team Captains,

Danielle Campbell:


Or head to our team website:

Take a second and fill out the interest form to find your spot on a Crossroads serving team.